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How to apply for IPFO

Just Like An IPO Of A Company In IPFO The Theatre Distribution Rights Of A Movie Will Be Diluted Via Cinestox Platform.


      What is IPFO ?
( Initial Public Film Offering )

A Information Document ( DRHP) Will Be Circulated Through Our Platforms During The Promotional Period Of Movie ( 15 Days Prior To Movie Release).

How and Where to Invest !

Upon Analyzing Choose To Invest As Small As Rs.100 ( 1 Lot ) By Subscribing To IPFO.



Three Days Prior To Movie Release IPFO Subscription Will Start And Allotments Will Be  Made On The Night Before The Release.

Can’t Get An IPO Allotment ?? Don’t Worry You Can Get An IPFO Allotment.


All Those Allotted Tokens Will Receive Payout Based Upon Box Office Collection Of Each Day For The First 28 Days (4 Weeks).

Suppose You Invested Rs.100 Then You Are Owning 0.0000002% (*Value Changes For Every Movie, Refer Offer Document For Details) Of The Theatre Distribution Of The Movie.


How Do You Earn ?

Choose A Movie Which You Think Is Most Likely To Earn Huge At Box Office Than The Distributers Rights . Invest As Small As Rs.100 And Based On Every Day's Box Office Collections Receive Daily Payouts If You Get Allotment.

Your accounts and investments will always be safe and secure with our bank-grade security and encryption systems

We do not share or monitor user's investment data for any personal benefits.