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Discover our cutting-edge solutions and innovative financial models that are reshaping how movies are financed, distributed, and experienced in India.

Your Partner in Cinematic Innovation

We’re pioneering innovative financial models that enables distributors to divest their stake to retail investors, creating a new market for cinema enthusiasts and investors alike. Join us in reshaping how movies are financed and distributed in India.

Revolutionizing Film Financing

Our Products

Cinestox Technologies offers a comprehensive range of products and services designed to empower filmmakers and transform the film industry

Cinetrade, an app for movie enthusiasts to get a step closer with cinema

The flagship mobile application allows users to participate in movie analysis, invest in film projects, and engage with the Indian cinema industry. The app provides a seamless and engaging user experience, merging the worlds of cinema and finance.

More Solutions

Film Financing Platform

Cinestox connects filmmakers with potential investors, allowing them to pitch their projects, share their vision, and secure funding.

film financing platform provided by cinestox


Our service transforms your cinematic identity into a wide range of merchandise, fostering lasting connections with your audience through diverse items.

Marketing Tools

Cinestox empowers filmmakers with marketing tools for effective audience connection through compelling promotions and digital campaigns.

marketing assistance for film projects accros india

Digital Distribution Hub

Cinestox simplifies film distribution for filmmakers, handling deals, logistics, and performance tracking.

chain of distribution for the film industry for various services
home screen and trade screen of the cinetrade app for users to analyze and recieve substanstial gains

New Market Initiatives

Cinestox Technologies is pioneering innovative financial models that shift distributor risk to retail investors, creating a new market for cinema enthusiasts and investors alike.

Our Mission

About Us

Empowering the Indian Cinema Industry
Movie with snack icon
Democratizing Access to Investments
easy access to investments
Fostering New Opportunities for Talent
new opportunities for users
Engaging and Enabling Investors
engage in new tech
Fostering Industry Growth
cinema industry growth
Promoting a Collaborative Ecosystem
collaborative and co-operative ecosystem for users

At Cinestox Technologies, we aspire to be the pioneering platform that revolutionizes movie financing, distribution, and the viewer experience. Our mission is to democratize movie funding, empower filmmakers, navigate the changing distribution landscape, enhance viewer engagement, foster innovation through collaboration, and ultimately reshape the film industry. 

Shaping the Future of Cinema Finance:

Co-Founder and CEO

Vedant Kasle

Cinestox's Co founder and CEO, Vedant Kasle

Driving commitment to reshaping the industry.

Co-Founder and CTO

Sourav Patil

Cinestox's Co founder and CTO, Sourav Patil

Envisioning a tech-driven future for the film industry.

Chief Financial Officer

Omkar Zarikar

Cinestox's CFO, Omkar Zarikar

Guiding strategic financial decisions.

Meet Our Visionaries


Cinestox breaks industry barriers, promoting diversity and opportunities for emerging talents in Indian cinema


The company is committed to increasing transparency, building trust, and fostering fairness in the film industry, spanning financial transactions to distribution deals


Cinestox democratizes cinema access through user-friendly tools for funding, distribution, and audience engagement across diverse regions.


Cinestox pioneers innovative solutions, staying ahead in a dynamic industry landscape to provide relevant and valuable offerings.

Future Outlook

Cinestox Technologies envisions a future where the Indian cinema industry becomes more inclusive, transparent, and accessible to all stakeholders. 

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